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CARDOSO, G.O.; FALSARELLA, L.N.; CHIROQUE-SOLANO, P.M.; PORCHER, C.C.; LEITZKE, F.P.; WEGNER, A.C.; CARELLI, T.; SALOMON, P.S.; BASTOS, A.C.; SÁ, F.; FALLON, S.; SALGADO, L.T.; MOURA, R.L. Coral growth bands recorded trace elements associated with the Fundão dam collapse. Science of The Total Environment, Volume 807, Part 2, 2022.


VALE, N.F.; BRAGA, J.C.; MOURA, R.L.; SALGADO, L.T.; MORAES, F.S.; KAREZ, C.S.; CARVALHO, R.T.; SALOMON, P.S.; MENANDRO, P.S.; AMADO-FILHO, G.A.; BASTOS, A.C. Distribution, morphology and composition of mesophotic ‘reefs’ on the Amazon Continental Margin. Marine Geology, Volume 447, 106779, 2022.


ROLIM, F.A.; LANGLOIS, T.; MOTTA, F.S.; CASTRO, G.M.; LESTER, E.; ABIERI, M.L.; GADIG, O.B.F.; MOURA, R.L. Habitat and Marine Reserve Status Drive Reef Fish Biomass and Functional Diversity in the Largest South Atlantic Coral Reef System (Abrolhos, Brazil). Front. Mar. Sci. 9:701244. 2022.